Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Plumbline in His Hand: The Prophet Amos

--Jesse Halsey

Rabbi Jeshua
Had learned the mason's trade
Working with Joseph.

Straight He clove the rock
With a strong arm
And true he laid it,
Plummet alternating
With trowel.
A righteous builder,
His neighbors said.
("Na-Garr," their very word.)

That Last Week
One evening
Going to Bethany
A Disciple pointed,
"See, Master,
See, what manner of stonework."

He could appreciate.
Massive and square it lay
Buttressing the cliff,
The very foundation
Of The Temple.

"There shall not be left
One stone upon another
That shall not be--
Thrown down."
He seemed to sob.

They heard in silence,
Dumb with horror.

Then the sun set.

Years afterward
They remembered.

The text is prefaced with this note: "Mr. Editor-- Has this any value for some day in Holy Week?"

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