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"In the girls of today are the mother of tomorrow."

Every person we meet leaves an impression upon us—a sort of picture on the walls of memory. It is these impressions which go to make up influence. Some of these pictures are but for the moment, and are soon forgotten. But a strong character, a life with a steadfast purpose, moves us to be strong ourselves and influences us for better things. Silent influence. Who has not felt its power

You have all met that solemn person who casts a gloom about him, and that sunny disposition which makes all smile too and feel that it is good to be alive. And then there is that deeper feeling—you, Y. member, as you came into this assembly, among these sweet faced women, whose whole being reflects the beauty of the pure and noble soul within, did you not feel a sense of peace, were you not uplifted? Did you not long to have your presence fall like a benediction upon those with whom you come in contact.

O, wonderful power to move our fellow men. It’s this God has entrusted to women, to you. How will you use it.

A church character, it is said, is formed before the child is five years old. During that time he is almost entirely under his mother’s care, and a mother’s influence. Then come his grade teachers, which are in almost all cases, women. Thus in his tender years, women are training him for life’s battles; women are tending the twig which shall form the tree. As he grows older, there is the sweetheart, who next to his mother is responsible to God for the welfare of his soul.

A nation is as its men are. Its men are as the women, the mother are.

And as it has been shown that character is formed while he is very young, the mothers are as the girls are. Do you realize your responsibility, girls. A nation rests upon your shoulders, a great people is influenced by you. In the girls of today are the mother of tomorrow.

Scientists say that the next generation will be one of strong men for the women of this, are athletic and strong. They will be strong physically, but what of the morals? That is for you to say young women.

Today the girls in the Y. are training for the great future. They are learning what is noble, what is true, and are filled with a pure and steadfast purpose. And the beauty of their purpose is revealed in their lives, and all are influenced by it and ennobled. They constantly remember “Be noble and the nobleness which lies in other men, sleeping, but never dead, shall rise in majority to meet thine own.” [James Russell Lowell]

Then, under the leadership of these good women, God willing, there will be a generation God-fearing, temperate, such as the world has never before seen.

--Reverend Jesse Halsey c1920


Prepared by Mrs. Edward P. White, Southampton, N.Y., 1932

VI         Daniel  b Aug. 11, 1767              Coram, L.I.
                        d Sept. 20, 1846              Farmingville, L.I.

                        M Lydia Homan Aug. 31, 1794
                        Dau. *Ebenezer Homan
                        b Aug. 5, 1775               Yaphank, L.I.
                        d Jan. 15, 1851               Farmingville, L.I.

VII        Thomas b Jan. 9, 1808                 Coram, L.I.
                        d June 13, 1892               Terryville, L.I.
                        M March 28, 1832 Phebe Rachel Hudson
                        Dau. Richard Hudson and wife Rachel Akerly.
                        b May 2, 1811               Bayport, L.I.
                        d Oct. 21, 1880              Terryville, L.I.

VIII       Melvina b June 5, 1842                Farmingville, L.I.
                        d June 2, 1887                Southampton, L.I.

                        M Charles Henry, son of Henry & Eliza Halsey
                        b Oct. 10, 1830               New York City
                        d Aug. 9, 1906                Southampton, L.I.
                        **chn. Harry Thomas, Lizabeth M., Abigail Fithian, Jesse.

IX         Jesse   b May 3, 1882                Southampton, L.I.
                        M. March 26, 1910 Helen Haines, dau. Robert & ____ Isham, Lake Placid, N.Y.
                        b May 18, 1892

                        Chn. Charles Halsey       b Apr. 6 1911
                        Frederick Isham              b Aug. 22, 1912
                        Helen Augusta                . Feb. 8, 1914
                        Wilmun Haines               b. Sept. 30, 1920 d May 20, 1928
                        Abigail Fithian                b Aug 9, 1922

*Ebenezer Homan –Yaphank, Brookhaven Town, Signed Association May 1775  Mather’s p. 1057, Capt. Nathan Rose, 3rd Co.

**Harry Thomas Halsey, b. Nov. 12, 1863 d. Sept. 30, 1903; Lizbeth M. b. April 6 1869,. Married Dec. 25, 1892, Edward son of Capt. Hubert & Sarah Post White; Abigail Fithian b. Oct. 2, 1873; Jesse.

Lt. Richard Terry Geneaological Record

Prepared by the Rev. Jackob Mallman, Shelter Island N.Y. [This MMS. which was prepared by Rev. Jacob Mallman, is the property of Mrs. Edward P. White, Southampton, N.Y.]


Liet. Richard Terry, born in England 1618, married about 1649 died at Southold 1678.

Abigail _______, born ____ ______, died after 1686.

1.     Abigail, born March 7, 1650, married about 1672, Thomas Rider.
2.     Gershom, born Nov. 7, 1652, married about 1680, Deborah Wells.
3.     Nathaniel, b. Jan. 1658,; m. Nov 30, 1682, Mary Horton, (M.I. 809)
4.     Sarah, born August 1658.
5.     Richard, b. Mar. 25, 1660/ 1, m. July 1719, Wid. Martha Benjamin (S.R.)
6.     John, b. May, 1662, M. Hannah Moore (S.T.R., Vol. 1, p. 40).
7.     Samuel, born April 1664.
8.     Elizabeth, born April 2, 1668. (Shouldn’t this be 1666? Y.O.W.)
9.     Mary, born February, 1668.
10.   Bethiah, b. Sept. 13, 1672,           m. 1st. June 7, 1693, Thomas Goldsmith
2nd, 1710 Thomas Mapes
3rd, 1714, Richard Steer (M.I., p. 82)
                        Bethiah died October 11, 1739, ae. 67 (S.R.)

The record of the names and births of the children of Richard Terry are entered on the Southold Town Records, p. 117, Lib. B., by Richard Terry himself. (See the printed Records, Vol. 1, p. 464). Richard Terry was Recorder of the Town from 1661—1672—4.

Richard Terry, ae. 17; Robert Terry, ae. 25; and Thomas Terry ae. 28; left England for New England on July 13, 1635, in the “James,” John May, Master, having a certificate from the minister of the parish, stating their “conformity” in religion to the State Founders of N.E., p. 39).

In Drake’s Founders of N.E., Richard Terry is spoken of as going to New Haven, and in 1640 as going to Southold with the Rev. John Young, c. (See Hallock’s Genealogy by Rev. Wm. A. Hallock.)

Thomas Rider’s Will, dated April 11, 1699, speaks of brother-in-laws, Nathaniel and Gershom Terry. (Early L.I. Wills, p. 176)

Nathaniel Moore’s Will, dated April 10, 1698, speaks of son-in-law, John Terry. (Early L.I. Wills, p 159)

The family of Terry was an early one, and furnished officeholders repeatedly. There were four original and early settlers on Long Island.

Richard Terry was a witness to a sale of land by Pankamp to William Salmon in February, 1645. (S.T. R. Vol. 2, p. 276)

Thomas Terry, who signed an agreement with Captain Howe, of Lynn, for settlement on Long Island, and Richard Terry, fixed themselves at Southold; and two of them, at least, left families.

Robert Terry, who came with Thomas and Richard from England, became an early settler of Long Island, being a witness to an Indian deed in 1640. He was a patentee of Flushing, L.I., in 1666, and was living there in 1670. (Moore’s Address, Southold Celebration, p. 147)

Richard Terry lived next to Thomas Scudder in Southold. About 1673, he moved to Cutchogue where he owned a large tract of land including a part of Pequash, or “Quasha” Neck. (History of Suffolk County, Munsell, 1882.) (S.T.R., Vol. 1, p. 39).

Richard Terry is called “Lieutenant” by his son Gershom in a release which Gershom gives to his brother Richard. (See Release, p. 5)

1635.    Sailed from England, ae17, with Thomas, ae 28, and Robert, 25, in the “James” for New England.
1662.    Admitted freeman of Connecticut Colony, residing at Southold.
1665.    Deed (Richard & Abigail) to Thomas Moore, commonage.
1665/6.  An appraiser of William Salmon’s Estate.
1676.    Will proved. Lib. 1, N.Y. 237
1683.    Widow Terry rated 97
1686.    Abigail Terry having one male and two females in her family. (M.I., p. 39)


Richard Terry, Southold, leaves to wife, Abigail, during her life “the commodations in Town and house and lot that properly belong to the house; that is the 4 acres joins to the house, with the orchard. And 8 acres of land that lies at the North Sea, and 2 acres in Calves Neck, and one acre in the old field, and two acres of meadow in the Great Meadow at Catchache.” To son, Samuel, the other half “and a piece of meadow that was my brother Thomas Terry’s.” Leaves to daughter, Abigail, 20 acres of land lying in the Forth Neck to her and heirs. “that is to say, Thomas Rider’s heirs.” Leaves to sons Nathaniel and Richard “my house and the land which I live upon here at Squash Neck,” with the meadow in Fresh Meadow, when Richard is 21. Leaves to son John, after his wife’s decease, “the house and accommodations in Towne.” “I leave all my children to be at my wife’s command to be educated and brought up both for the good of their souls and Body’s” till the sons are 21 and the daughter, 18. Leaves to son Samuel, 2 acres of meadow at Ackabache. Will not dated. Makes wife and son Gershom executors. Witnesses Barnabas Wyndos, Sarah Wyndes.

“Postscript.—When my wife sees cause to live in the Towne, my three eldest sons are to fitt and repair her house in a habitable and comfortable manner.” The Will having been proved at last Court of Sessions in Southold, the Executors were confirmed May 13, 1676. (Abstract of Wills, Vol. 1, p. 35, N.Y. Hist. Society.)


Gershom, s. Lieut. Richard and Abigail Terry, b. Nov. 7, 1652; m. about 1680; died Mar. 14, 1724/5 ae. 74 (S. R. ) M. Deborah Wells da. of the 1st William Wells of Southold; b. about 1662. (C.B. Moore Children:--

Richard, b. about 1683, M. ___ Martha Pain
Gershom, b. Sept. 1, 1684, M. __________ Mary________
Deborah ____
Bathseheba or Barsheba, ______
David, b. probably after 1698, m. Feb. 23, 1737/8, Mehetable Aldridge.
Mary, b. ________ under 18, 1725 (M.I.)   

1724/5   Feb. 27, d. , Terry, Gershom, June. (S.R.)
1724/5   Mar. 14, 1724/5. Terry, Gershom, Sen., ae 40-5-27 (M.C.)
1676.    Land at C. given to him by his f’s Will.
1678.    United in deed to Edward Petty, common land.
1683.    Rated at 84.
1686.    2 males and 2 females in his family.
1702/3. Deed to Richard Terry, 10 acres near Inlet.
1703/4   Deed from Providence Rider, 20 acres wood, Fort Neck.
1703/4   Deed Mordicai Homan, wood on Pinsquash Neck.
1714.    Deed to John Terry, 25 acres near the Inlet.
1714.    Deed to his brother, John, several parcels. (M. I. P. 116)

Joshua Wells calls Gershom Terry his “Brother-in-law” in a deed dated Feb. 3, 1706. (T.S.R., p. 320). Will of Nathaniel Pain, dated Dec. 17, 1731, mentions son-in-law, Richard Terry.


To all Christian People to whom these present shall come. Gershom Terry, of ye Town of Southold in ye County of Suffolk in the Colony of N.Y. in America, yeoman, Sendeth greeting;--Whereas Lieut. Richard Terry, lateof ye said Town, Deceased: and father of him the said Gershom Terry, by his last will baring date July the 6th, 1675, amongst other bequests did give unto his 3rd son, Richard Terry, with his 2nd son, Nathaniel Terry, all his land and meadow at Squashneck within town ship of Southold aforesaid, as by ye said will reference being thereunto had will plainly appear; wh said land & meadow is since divided between said Richard & Nathl his brother, and in the possession of each of them according to ye true intent and meaning of ye said wil, & whereas it is thought that ye said will doth not make a sufficient title unto ye said Richd Terry of ye Town and country aforesaid yeoman; as for divers good causes & considerations him thereunto moving: as also for the sum of 5 shillings lawful money of the said Colony to him ye said Gershom Terry by ye said Richd Terry well and truly paid at & before ye signing & Delivering here of: the receipt whereof he ye said Gershom Terry doth hereby ackowledge himself therewith fully satisfy and paid, and every part thereof doth clearly acquit exonorate & discharge ye said Richd Terry his brother. Heirs, executors & administrators for ever by these present, hath remised, released & forever quitt claimed, and by these presents for him selfe and his Heirs doth remise, release & for ever quit claime unto ye said Richd Tery in his full & peaceable possession & seizing, and to His Heirs and assignes for ever all such right estate title interest & demand whatsoever as he ye said Gershom Terry had or ought to have in or to all the said lands and meadows soe given unto ye said Richd Terry by ye said will as above mentioned by an waies means whatsoever to hve and to hold all the said lands & meadows soe given unto ye said Richd Terry by ye said will as above said with ye appurtenances thereunto belong unto him the said Richd Terry his Heirs & assignes: to ye only use and behoofe of him ye said Richd Terry, his Heirs & assignes for ever, soe that neither he the said Gershom Terry nor his Heirs, nor any other person or persons for him or them or in his or their names or in ye name & right or stead of any of them; shall or will or any way or means hereafter; have claim, challeng or demand any estate, right title or interest of in or to ye said premises or any part or parcel thereof, but from all & every action right, estate, title, Interest & Demand of in or to ye premises or any part or parcel thereof they and every oof them Shall be utterly excluded & barred for ever by these presents: & also ye said Gershom Terry & his heirs the said lands, meadows & other ye premises with ye appurtenances to ye said Richard Terry his Heirs & assignes: to his & their own proper use & uses in manner & forms afore specified against their Heirs & assignes & every of them, shall warrant & forever defend by these presents: In witness whereof ye said Gershom Terry hath hereunto sett his hand & fixed his seale on ye 27 day 1 Oct. & in ye year of our Lord hrist, 1709.

Gershom Terry
In ye presence of us
John Dains, Benj. Youngs.

I have not been able to find any will of Gershom Terry, Sr.

NOTE: The following Abstract of Gershom Terry’s Will, Dated Feb. 25th, 1724/5 will establish the line of descent, as it not only mentions the names of his own family, but his brother’s name, Richard Terry, thru whom the line of descent from the first Richard Terry to Dr. Arthur Terry, is traced. (J.M.)


In the name of God, Amen. Feb. 25, 1724/5, I Gershom Terry, Jr., of Southold in Suffolk Co., being very sick, I leave my wife, Mary, one third of he lot of land where my new dwelling house stands, and one third of all my buildings and one third of my land on the south side of the highway, over against the house lot, to improve the same during the itme she shall remain my widow and no longer. Also two oxen, “one choice horse,” three cows and six sheep and two feather beds, “one that was her father’s and one that she shall choose.” Also forty pound worth out of my household goods. I leave to my second son, David Terry, all my lot of land in the second division at Accobouge, and one half of my lot of land in Corchoque division, lying between the land of Barnabas Wines and Widow Martha Reeve. Also that parcel of land which I purchased from Joseph Wood in Corchoque division of lands. Also one choice horse, one gun and five pounds. I leave to my daughter Mary Terry, one good feather bed and furniture and thirty puond when she is eighteen. I leave to Gershom Terry my first and eldest son, all the rest of my house and building, and the rest of my meadows to my three children, Gershom David and Mary. I appoint my wife Mary and my brother Richard Terry executors.

NOTE: Craven’s History of Mattituck makes mention, p 49 of the above property and the passing of same from Gershom to his son David, by will, 1725. (Y.O.W.)

Witnesses, James Reeve, Joseph Goldsmith, Thomas Reeve.

Proved Nov. 26, 1726, ‘Abstract of Wills, Vol. II, p. 334, N.Y. Hist. Soc’y.

Note: An important quit-claim of Gershom Terry, Sr., appears in the S.T.R., Vol. II, p 285. Mentions bortheres John and Samuel.

Gershom Terry Jr., (son of Gershom Terry and Deborah Wells) was born 1684/5 died Feb. 27, 1724; married Mary (perhaps) Case who died after 1742/3.

Gershom Terry, 3rd, (son of Gershom Terry Jr., and Mary Terry) was born 1710, died April 1777; married Mary Wells (daughter of Joshua Wells). Born _____ died ______, married Nov. 1, 1733.

Brewster Terry (son of Gershom and Mary (Wells) Terry) was born Jan. 29, 1732, died Aug. 23, 1796, married Elizabeth Davis (daughter of Elija or Elijah Davis who was Qr. Mr. in Capt. David Mulford’s (Fourth Company) Mather’s Refugees pp 1060, 1061)). Elizabeth Davis Terry born Jan. 6, 1748, died at Farmingville, 1843, married 1764.

Their children viz:---
Mary                 born August 1, 1765, died May 9, 1855, married David Tuthill (Great-grand parents of Mrs. Arthur H. Terry).

Daniel (NOTE: Lizbeth Halsey White: "my great grand father")
                        Born Aug. 11, 1767, died Sept. 20, 1846, married Lydia Homan (born August 5th, 1775), Aug. 31, 1794. Dau. Ebenezer Homan—See Mathers p. 592, 998, 1057, 1060.

Brewster, Jr.,      born March 29, 1770, married Hannah Hulse. Their son Brewster married Uramia Davis, dau. Bryant Davis.

Charlotte            born March 5th, 1772.

Joshua               born May 28, 1775.

David                born April 5th, 1777.

John                  born August 22, 1782. [died before 1790]

Nancy                born June 11, 1784

Elijah                born Feb. 14, 1787; died Sept. 26, 1850; married Caroline Overton (Born May 28, 1802), June 6, 1825. She died Jan. 4, 1881.

John (after the death of the first John)
                        born October 16th, 1790.

Frances              born Sept. 7, 1794.

WILL OF RICHARD TERRY. (Richard Terry was brother to Gershom Terry, Jr.)

In the name of God, Amen. Feb. 7, 1767. I Richard Terry of Southold, in Suffok Co. I leave my eldest son Richard, all my lnad wh I bought of Nathl Drake, in the town of Roxbury, N.J. and £5. I leave to my son Gershom all the land where I now live “containing 2 lots commonly called The Two Hundred Acres,” with all buildings. Also all my meadow in the madow called Great Meadow at Cutchoque, and 10 rights in the commons of Southold. And he is to pay my son Jonathan £50, and to my son Joshua £200. “He is also to pay my bond given to support the gospel in Cuchoque. “His mother is also to possess and enjoy the east room in my new dwelling house and kitchen, “and have her fire wood brought to her door, fitted to burn” and 2 cows, and ¼ of an acre of land for a garden, and 12 bushel of wheat, and 12 of corn, and 12 pounds of wool, & 20 of flax, & 708 lbs. of Beef, 15 of Tallow, ¼ of all the fruit. I leave to my son Jonathan, two rights of Meadow Common in Southold, and a lot of meadow I bought of William Coleman. “And all my right of land in the old Manor called “The Old Sheep Manor”; and 2 rights & ½ in Patnet of St. George, lying between Peconic River and the Old Country Road. Also a lot on the South side of Peconic River, of undivided land. I leave to my son Joshua 3 Rights of Common Meadow, not laid out in Southold. Also ½ of a lot on the south side of Peconic River. I leave to my son Elijah, all my land lying in the Indian Neck, be it more or less, and all my meadow admjoing thereto. Also my 2 & ½ lots in the patent of St. George, lying between the old Country road and the Wading River Patent. Also a lot on the south aq side of Peconic River. Also all my Right lying in Cupsoque, and all my rights in Southampton Commons. I also leave him £36. I leave my wife Martha, all the rest of my movable estate during her widowhood, and then to our daughters Martha Well and Deborah Goldsmith. I make my son Joshua, & my wife executors.

Witnesses: Joshua Case, Jonathan B. Norton, John Wells.
Proved: Dec. 16, 1767.

NOTE: The Cupsoque meadows are on the South Beach at the line between the towns of Southampton and Brookhaven. (W.S.P) (Abstract of Wills, Vol. 7, p. 150. N.Y. Hist. Soc’y)

Handwritten note: This Richard Terry was a grandson of Richard1

S.T.R. Southold Town Records, In 2 Vols.
M.I. Moore’s Index
S.R. Salmon Recod
C.B. Moore  Author of Moore’s Index and Moore’s Address
M.C. Mattituck Cemeterry.
T.S.R. Stuart T. Terry’s Salmon Record
M.C.R. Mattituck Church Records.
S.C.R. Southold Church Records

Halsey Genealogical Record

After the news of the Battle of Lexington had reached Long Island, Jesse Halsey (1739-1818) and his brother, Elias Henry, with three others rowed across Long Island Sound in a row boat and joined the Continental Army.

They signed the Articles of Association in May 1775, both Elias Henry and Jesse won the rank of captain in the Revolution. Both Jesse and Elias Henry were lieutenants in Colonel David Mulford's regiment. Elias Henry became a captain of a privateer in the harbor of New London. He was killed in the Battle of Groton Heights on September 6, 1781.

Another brother,
David Fithian, was also a captain in the Revolution and died in 1790.

Captain Jesse Halsey was also a lieutenant on Col. Mulford’s Reg’t. p. 1055, 993 (see Mather’s Refugees), received commission Sept. 29, 1775.

See Calendar of Historical Mss Vol. 1, p. 120. Also, New York in the Revolution, p. 169-172.

Captain Jesse fought in the Battle of Monmouth and heard the famous reprimand given by George Washington to General Charles Lee when the later had ordered retreat of the regiment he was leading. The claim has often been made, in the effort to make Washington something more than a human, that he did not use profanity at this time. Captain Jesse said that the most forceful language was used by Gen. Washington at this time and that his indignation was righteous and well timed. Captain Jesse lived to be 79 years old and walked with a crutch the remainder of his life.

He had eight children, seven of whom were born previous to 1776 and the youngest child, Abigail (Ludlow), was born after the Revolution. Six girls and one boy, Charles Fithian, lived to grow up, marry, and have families. Captain Jesse and his wife, Charity White, are buried in the Watermill Cemetery. It was discovered that no stones remained to mark their graves. Seventy-five descendants, paying one dollar each, contributed to the fund, which marks their final resting place. They secured a government stone for Captain Jesse and had one made like it for Charity, and placed a fund with the cemetery association which gives them perpetual care. The fund also provided a D.A.R. marker for Capt. Jesse.


Thomas (I)                  B. Jan. 2 1592; In Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, Eng.
                                    D. Aug. 27, 1678; Came to Mass. 1637. Southampton 1640.
                                    M. (I) Phebe____ 1627 in England
                                    Murdered by Pequot Indian 1649
                                    (II) Ann, widow Edward Johnes
                                    Chn: Thomas, Daniel, Isaac, Elizabeth

Daniel (II)                   B. 1630 (“Goodman Halsey of Wickapoqu3”)
                                    D. 1682
                                    M. Jemima dau. Richard Woodhull

Daniel (III)                  B. Aug. 31, 1669; Wickapogue
                                    D. Feb. 28, 1734
                                    M. Amy Larison

Henry (IV)                  B. Wickapogue, Feb. 28, 1700; Lived in Scuttlehole.
                                    D. 1740
                                    M. Sarah, dau. David Fithian, of East Hampton

Jesse (V)                     B. May 18, 1739; Capt. Revolutionary War
                                    D. 1818, Watermill
                                    M. Jan. 14, 1761; Charity, dau. Charles (1716-1791) and Sarah Howell White
                                                            B. 1741            
                                                            D. 1816            

Charles Fithian (VI)    B. Feb. 11, 1771; Scuttle Hole. Bridgehampton
(Miller)                        D. Oct. 25, 1814
                                    M. Phebe, dau. Capt. Wm Rogers Hayground. 1802
                                    B. May 14, 1778
                                    D. Oct. 13, 1839
                                    Chn. Henry, Jesse, Edward, Mary, Hannah

Henry (VII)                 B. Watermill (miller), Aug. 19, 1803
(Capt. Henry)              D. April 11, 1880; Southampton, L.I.
                                    M. Jan. 21, 1828; Eliza, dau. Barzillai and Frances Howell Halsey

Charles Henry (VIII)  B. Oct. 10, 1830; New York City
                                    D. Aug. 9, 1906; Southampton
                                    M. Melvina Dunwreath, dau. Thomas and Phebe Hudson Terry
                                                B. June 5, 1842
                                                D. June 2, 1887

Jesse (Rev.) (IX)         B. May 3, 1882
Cincinnati, Ohio         D.
                                    M. Helen Haynes dau. Robert and ­­­____ Haines Isham, Lake Placid, NY
                                    [Ed note: Frederick and Laura]
                                    B. May 18, 1889
Charles Henry, B. April 6, 1911, St. Anthony, Newfoundland
                                           Frederick Isham, B. Aug. 22, 1912, St. Anthony, Newfoundland
                                           Helen Augusta, B. Feb. 8, 1914, Cincinnati
                                           Wilmun Haines, B. Sept. 30, 1920, Cincinnati; D. May 20, 1928, Cincinnati
[ed note: text says Wilman, but inscription to Living A Living Hope: Suggestions for Funeral Services. Halsey, Jesse. Confirms it Wilmun]
                                           Abigail Fithian, B. Aug. 9, 1922, Southampton, L.I.

THOMAS HALSEY I through his son Tomas to REVEREND JESSE HALSEY No. 1

Thomas (I)                  B. Jan. 2 1592; In Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, Eng.
                                    D. Aug. 27, 1678; Came to Mass. 1637. Southampton 1640.
                                    M. (I) Phebe____ 1627 in England
                                    Murdered by Pequot Indian 1649
                                    (II) Ann, widow Edward Johnes
                                    Chn. Thomas, Daniel, Isaac, Elizabeth

Thomas (II)                 B. 1627
                                    D. 1699
                                    M. Mary B. ____ D. Dec. 20, 1699

Josiah (III)                  B. Feb. 15, 1656
                                    D. 1732; buried Flying Point Cemetery
                                    M. I. Sarah Topping, Sept. 12, 1678
                                    M. II. Mary

Deacon Josiah (IV)     B. 1692
                                    D. 1744; buried Flying Point Cemetery
Israel (V)                     B. ____ Watermill
                                    D. Nov. 19, 1774
                                    M. Mary, dau. Joshua Halsey and Martha Wilmun

Wilmun (VI)               B. Aug. 2, 1749
                                    D. 1785
                                    M. Ruth Rogers, March 9, 1773; B. May, 25, 1751  D. Jan. 19, 1815
                                    Chn. Susanna Jane, Barzillai, Sylvanus, Wilmun

Barzillai (VII)             B. 1776
                                    D. Feb. 25, 1849
                                    M. Frances, dau. Capt. David and Mehetable Halsey Howell; Nov. 2, 1799
Enoch, B. 1801
Amanda M. Stephen Rose; Elmira

Eliza (VIII)                 M. Henry Halsey


Thomas (I)                   B. Jan. 2 1592; In Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, Eng.
                                    D. Aug. 27, 1678; Came to Mass. 1637. Southampton 1640.
                                    M. (I) Phebe____ 1627 in England
                                    Murdered by Pequot Indian 1649
                                    (II) Ann, widow Edward Johnes
                                            Chn. Thomas, Daniel, Isaac, Elizabeth wife of Richard Howell

Isaac (II)                      B.
                                    D. About 1703
                                    M. Mary
Isaac B. 1665 D. March 23, 17__
                                           Joseph B. 1668 D. April 17, 1725; Elizabeth, N.J.
                                           Mary, Samuel, Elizabeth, Thomas

Joshua (III)                  B. 1675
                                    D. 1734
                                    M. Martha, dau. Isaac Wilmun
Abigail M. John Post
Experience M. Nathaniel Halsey
Irene M. Wm. Foster
Mary M. Israel Halsey
Martha M. Joshua Sayre
Prudence M. David Woodruff

Mary (IV)                   Dau. Joshua Halsey and Martha Wilmun
                                    B. before 1744
                                    D. Aug. 24, 1782
                                    M. Israel Halsey, son of Joshua and Martha Wilmun Halsey

Wilmun (V)                 B. 1747
                                    D. Jan. 15, 1786
                                    M. Ruth Rogers
                                    Chn. (For continuation record see No. II)

All dates taken from genealogical records Howell History, Early Southampton and family record of Charles Henry Halsey, 1830-1906; Compiled by Lizbeth Halsey White, Southampton, L.I. N.Y. April 1932.