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Pastor, Friend to Persons of All Faiths, To Be Honored at Dinner of Presbyterians

The Cincinnati Times-Star
November 29, 1941

Dr. Jesse Halsey Will Teach Theological Students.


Would Now Like to Serve With Red Cross in Russia.

By Paul B. Sullivan, Religious News Editor

One of the most publicly revered clergymen of whom the Queen City has had good reason to bost will be leaving for new fields of endeavor in a few days--leaving, after a fruitful pastorate of 28 years, more convinced than ever that the future lies wiht religion--religion in its broadest aspects.

If he lacked conviction that everything that could, should be done to make ministers of religion more idealistic and practical, he would not be leaving Seventh Presbyterian Church for a full-time professorship in the Presbyterian Seminary of Chicago; not Dr. Jesse Halsey.

"My brethren are foolish (or wise) enough to think that I might help in one of our seminaries to humanize our young ministers and fit them for their practical task of living their gospel among men as well as preaching it."

That is the Dr. Halsey who has been the guiding hand and sprit of many a young minister--many a person, in fact, clergy and laity of all religious faiths. He is the man who has made practical Christian service to his fellowmen the basis of his ministry of 31 years; and he will carry that ideal into his professorship of practical theology and liturgies.


It is he who is being honored by Presbyterians of this area at a dinner in Hotel Gibson Friday, 6:30 p.m., for which event reservations still were being accepted Friday at the office of the Cincinnati Presbytery. The dinner, open to the public, is being sponsored by Presbyterian Men of Greater Cincinnati.

Influence of Dr. Halsey's ministry has been felt widely among Protestants of all denominations, Catholics, and Jews, and all of these groups will be represented at the dinner, on the program for which will be the following:

Dr. J. Harry Cotton, president of the Chicago Seminary, in which Dr. Halsey has been teaching part-time for several months; Dr. Homer G. McMillen, Kenton, OH, moderator of the Ohio Presbyterian Synod; Mayor James G. Stewart, Dr. David Phillipson, rabbi-emeritus of Rockdale Avenue Temple; Dr. Robert S. Lambert, president of the Council of Churches; Dr. John H. Cowan, moderator of the Cincinnati Presbytery; John Hollister, lay representative of Seventh Church; Lawrence Lytle, president of Presbyterian Men, and Mrs. C.D. Valentiner, president of the Women's Council of the presbytery.

Messages will be read from Dr. Herbert B. Smith of Los Angeles, Calif., moderator of the Presbyterian General Assembly, and Dr. Jesse Herrmann of Lexington, Ky., formerly of Cincinnati and close friend of Dr. Halsey.

Two years ago, when Dr. Halsey was debating whether to accept the offer of a seminary professorship, he received letters from influential persons throughout the country, urging him to accept, saying that a man of his background and achievement could be of great service to young men entering the ministry.

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