Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Sure cure for sea sickness."

from "Back to My Whalers" Jesse Halsey's reminiscences on Southampton sea captains
On the first trip I made to Europe, among my steamer letters marked “first day out” was a package “From Cap’n Hugh (White).” I opened it. The inside box was inscribed—“Sure cure for sea sickness.” I was sick—very sick. With difficulty I opened the box. It was a half dozen pieces of salt pork the size of a quarter, strung on a stout string and with directions “Swallow while you hold the string, regurgitate) (those old fellows, many of them knew the dictionary and the Bible by heart) “regurgitate and try again until cured.” Disgusted, I threw the contraption out the port hole, but in the box I found a note—a real cure. “Get some soda crackers, eat all you can, when they come up, eat some more and so on—the only cure.” And I have found it works, time on end.

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