Thursday, September 15, 2011

"he never crawls"

Frank Nelson incarnates my ideal of a Christian minister. He is first and always a gentleman. He has human sympathy and unfailing enthusiasm. He never apologizes for his religious convictions nor is his religion something superficial; rather it is part and parcel of himself, its spirit evident in all he says and does.

He has great executive ability, he has stirring convictions, his ethics adorn his doctrine. I have seen him in tight places, he never crawls.

He has the kind of preaching ability that moves the hearer to action and to a deeper faith in goodness and in God.

He is an ideal pastor with that rare intuition of knowing when to speak and when to refrain from speaking. He is the friend of every good cause, the helper of all who are in need. Many of us rely on his good judgment and covet the contagion of his persistent, consistent, tireless energy, and enthusiasm.

I like to hear him pray, I like to hear him preach; both put me in touch with that supreme reality that I call God. The prophetic note is often his, the apostolic fervor, also the humility of the true Disciple.

Four decades of heroic service—and still at it. The Lord prosper his way in blessing, who has been a blessing to so many thousands, as to me.

-Jesse Halsey

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