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Depression Era Applicant Report for Mothers Pension

The Brice family lives in the upper and less congested area of the West End. Their home consists of four medium size rooms on the first floor of a two story building at 1629 Dudley Street. The home is neatly furnished. The furnishings are typical of that seen in the home of the lower middle group. Mrs. Brice is a fair housekeeper and although there are times when the house is untidy, in general the home has a neat appearance. The home is partly surrounded by a small yard which affords play space for the children and a flower garden.


Insurance—Mr. Brice has a straight life insurance with the U.S. Mutual Insurance Company, fee $.50 per week--$350.00.

Applicant’s Husband
Mr. Brice, age 43, is a heavy set man of neat appearance. He talks in an intelligent manner although he has only an elementary education. He is an outgoing person with a congenial manner and makes friends readily. He is quick tempered, irrational and emotional. He was formerly employed as a skilled laborer by Dickson & Wycoff Contractor. He is now physically unable to work because of injuries received in a fall September 30, 1930.

Mrs. Brice, age 36, is a medium built person of neat appearance. She is a practical and intelligent person. Her interest is centered in her home and children for whom she has high ambitions. Mrs. Brice is the dominant person in the home. She is very aggressive and at times rather emotional. She was employed for the first time last year. Her work was unsatisfactory. Her employer described her as being indifferent and not knowing how to work.

Alphonso, age 15. A healthy well mannered youngster of neat appearance, who presents no problem in either his home or school life. He is in the Eighth grade at Bloom Junior High School.

Inez—age 14, has a pleasant disposition and presents no behavior problem. She is slightly cripple, one leg being shorter than the other. Inez is in the Seventh grade.

Clarence—age 12, is a healthy and active youngster. He is well adjusted and presents no problem. He is in the Fifth grade.

Budget (Monthly budget according to Mothers Pension Schedule)
Food                            $45.84
Clothing                      $12.08
Rent                            $15.00
Gas and Electric         $2.48
Coal                             $5.75
Insurance                   $1.00
Household Articles    $1.73
Health                         $1.08
Cleaning Materials    $1.73
Recreation                  $3.00

The Brices have no income. The family is now being supported by funds from Social agencies.

We recommend that this family be accepted for Mother’s Pension and allotted a monthly budget of $89.69.

Collateral Visits:
Dr. Henry Clark—805 W. 9th Street and Shoemaker Clinic.
Mrs. Georgia Charles—752 Clark Street—Sister to Mrs. Brice.
Sand School—Dr. Albert Pearlman -14th Seventh Street.

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