Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grenfell Alumni News / Officers and Directors / 1933

 Among the Deep Sea Fishers, volume 31, issue 3 (October 1933)
from left: Frederick Halsey, unknown, Sir Wilfred Grenfell, Charles Halsey

Sir Wilfred and Lady Grenfell spent the summer at Kinloch House, Charlotte, Vermont; but Sir Wilf, with Lady Grenfell as chauffeur and general manager, lectured at Breadloaf Inn, the Averill Lakes, Greensboro, Swanton, Johnson and South Craftsbury, Vermont; at Amherst, Groton and Stockbridge, Massachusetts; at Concord (St. Paul's School) and Wonalancet, New Hampshire; and at Cortland, Essex, Lake Mohonk and Lake Placid, New York.

Sir Wilfred's motor boat, the PETREL, was brought down from St. Anthony on the New Northland and piloted through Lake Champlain to Charlotte. The skipper was Sir Wilfred; the first mate was the Reverend Jesse Halsey, who about 1910 spent three years on the Coast; the crew were Charles and Frederick Halsey, both born in St. Anthony.

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