Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"O glowing day of summer gone, so full"

The first day passed
And summer’s time returns to winter
Ere the day that lingers yet so wistfully
Has turned to dark. A stillness broods
In air that’s all alight with sunset’s glow.

The clock strikes six, the crickets chirp the time
That yesterday was seven, and in the west
A small moon hangs scarce brighter than the light
Which fades so slowly that a twittering bird
Has sung his last goodnight ere dark sets in.

O glowing day of summer gone, so full
Of life and light and love and happiness
So radiant in our retrospect,
We hail in sweet remembrance one
Who like this day
Has now turned back upon eternal time,
And in her garden, looking to the west
We raise our eyes above the sunset glow,
And farther, past the bright young moon
To catch a point of light—
The evening star.

by Jesse Halsey 

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