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"Eli and Samuel"

"Eli and Samuel" by Cleveland Woodward | 1930
Sunday, November 30, 1930
Cincinnati Enquirer 

"A few days ago we learned that a large mural painting picturing the dramatic story of 'Eli and Samuel' had been placed in the auditorium of the Parish House of the Seventh Presbyterian Church on Walnut Hills in memory of Wilmun Halsey, the young son of Rev. and Mrs. Halsey, whose tragic death occurred on May 20, 1928. The mural was presented to the church by Rev. Halsey and his family.

"It is a most appropriate symbol of the life and taste of the child, who ever loved the story of Samuel. The mural is the work of Cleveland Woodward, a Cincinnati artist, whose gifts for pictorial organization are well known. The work takes the narrative form, and the subject is one that many be admired as well as understood. Mr. Woodward selects the moment in Samuel's life when he hears the voice of the Lord and he comes to Eli in the temple. Both figures stand out in a great light against the dark light of a temple interior. The whole enshrines a beautiful associated thought, simple in idea and particularly appropriate as a memorial to a child whose heart was filled with aspirations and ideals. Such a little boy was Wilmun Halsey. He was much beloved by his schoolmates and teachers. At the Lotspeich School, where he attended, because he sought responsibility he was appointed bell ringer for the classes and every morning bright and early he was at his post, his eager little face showing the pride he took in his official position, and in the mural the face of Samuel was taken from a crayon portrait of little Wilmun which was done by Frederick Weber."

"Eli and Samuel" by Cleveland Woodward | 1949

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