Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"In the girls of today are the mother of tomorrow."

Every person we meet leaves an impression upon us—a sort of picture on the walls of memory. It is these impressions which go to make up influence. Some of these pictures are but for the moment, and are soon forgotten. But a strong character, a life with a steadfast purpose, moves us to be strong ourselves and influences us for better things. Silent influence. Who has not felt its power

You have all met that solemn person who casts a gloom about him, and that sunny disposition which makes all smile too and feel that it is good to be alive. And then there is that deeper feeling—you, Y. member, as you came into this assembly, among these sweet faced women, whose whole being reflects the beauty of the pure and noble soul within, did you not feel a sense of peace, were you not uplifted? Did you not long to have your presence fall like a benediction upon those with whom you come in contact.

O, wonderful power to move our fellow men. It’s this God has entrusted to women, to you. How will you use it.

A church character, it is said, is formed before the child is five years old. During that time he is almost entirely under his mother’s care, and a mother’s influence. Then come his grade teachers, which are in almost all cases, women. Thus in his tender years, women are training him for life’s battles; women are tending the twig which shall form the tree. As he grows older, there is the sweetheart, who next to his mother is responsible to God for the welfare of his soul.

A nation is as its men are. Its men are as the women, the mother are.

And as it has been shown that character is formed while he is very young, the mothers are as the girls are. Do you realize your responsibility, girls. A nation rests upon your shoulders, a great people is influenced by you. In the girls of today are the mother of tomorrow.

Scientists say that the next generation will be one of strong men for the women of this, are athletic and strong. They will be strong physically, but what of the morals? That is for you to say young women.

Today the girls in the Y. are training for the great future. They are learning what is noble, what is true, and are filled with a pure and steadfast purpose. And the beauty of their purpose is revealed in their lives, and all are influenced by it and ennobled. They constantly remember “Be noble and the nobleness which lies in other men, sleeping, but never dead, shall rise in majority to meet thine own.” [James Russell Lowell]

Then, under the leadership of these good women, God willing, there will be a generation God-fearing, temperate, such as the world has never before seen.

--Reverend Jesse Halsey c1920

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