Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Most Used Books

Jesse Halsey

Authorized Version
Moffatt’s Translation
Strong’s Concordance
Hasting’s Bible Dictionaries
Hasting’s Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics
Marcus Dods, “The Bible, Its Origin and Meaning”
Moffatt, “The Approach to N.T.”
*C.H. Dodd, everything
Vincent, “Word Studies in N.T.”
Expositor’s Greek Testament
Driver’s Introduction
Davidson, “O.T. Theology”
G.A. Smith, “Isaiah” “Minor Prophets”
Marcus Dods, “Genesis and John” (Expositor’s)
On the Psalms: Briggs, Buttenweiser
On the Gospels: Moffat’s Commentaries
Mathew Henry, high spots
Alex Maclaren, some
Inter-Critical, some
Major, Mansen & Wright, “Message and Meaning of the N.T.”

*W.N. Clarke, Outline
Fairbairn, “The Place of Christ in Modern Theology”
*W.A. Brown, Outline
*James Denney, Studies “Death of Christ”
Bowne, “Theism”
*Streeter, “Reality”
Lyman, “The Meaning of Truth and Religion”
Oman, everything
Baillie, “Invitation to Pilgrimage” “Our Knowledge of God”
Rauschenbusch, “Theology for Social Gospel”
Cairns, “Reasonableness of Christian Faith” “The Riddle of the World”
Foster, “Life and Sayings”

Hubert Simpson
Gilkey (James G.)
Matheson, “Studies in Portrait of Jesus” “Representative Men of Bible”
*Whyte, “Character Studies in Bible” “Bunyan’s Characters”
Peabody, “Mornings in a College Chapel,” etc.
*Watson, “Inspiration of our Faith”

Stalker, “Trial and Death of Jesus Christ”
*Bunyan, “Pilgrim’s Progress”
Wm. Law, “Devout and Serious Call”
Matheson, “Rests by the River”
Baillie, “Diary of Private Prayer”
Orchard, “The Temple”
*Merjikowski, “Jesus Manifest” “Jesus Unknown”
Public Prayer
*Hunter, “Devotional Services”
Common Prayer; Common Worship
Scottish, “Euchalogion”

History and Theory of Worship
Maxwell, “Outline of Christian Worship”
Hyslop, “Our Heritage in Public Worship”
*Coffin, “The Public Worship of God”
Micklem, Ed. “Worship
Clarke, “The Ideal of Jesus”
Buttrick, “On the Parables”
Bruce, “The Training of the Twelve”
*Schweitzer, “Quest of Historical Jesus”
Inge, “Faith and Its Psychology”
Pratt’s books on psychology of religion
*Robertson, “Hidden Romance of N.T.”
Eidersheim, “Life of Jesus”
*T. R. Glover, “Jesus of History” (and everything)

*Reid, “The Great Physician” (Osler)
Whipple, “Lights and Shadows”
Grenfell, “Forty Years for Labrador”
Allen, “Phillips Brooks”
Pupin, “From Immigrant to Inventor”
Boswell, “Johnson”
Pepy’s “Diary”
Parkhurst, “My Forty Years in New York”
Freeman, “Robert E. Lee”
Wm. Lyon Phelps
Clarke, “Forty Years with the Bible”

Woodrow Wilson, “American History”
Froude’s Studies
Goldwin Smith
Caldwell, “Short History of the American People”
Ferrero, “On Rome”
Moulton, “Life in the Middle Ages”  “The River” series

*Forbush, “Boy’s Life of Christ” “Young People’s Problems” “The Boy Problem”
Johnson, “Problems of Boyhood”
Hoben, “The Minister and the Boy”
Erdman Harris, “Twenty One”
Hunting, “Story of the Bible”
Hodges, “How to Know the Bible”
Webster’s Dictionary (Unabridged)
Stevenson, “Home Book of Verse” “Home Book of Quotations”
Crabb’s Synonyms
Fernald, “Connective of English Speech” “Grammar”

*Francis Thompson
Vachel Lindsay
E. R. Sill
John Livingston Low, “Essays in Literary Appreciation”
Elkstein, “Lives”

“The Case of Sergeant Greisha”
Hamsun, “The Growth of the Soil”

*Coffin, “What to Preach”
Yale Lectures on Preaching
notably, Watson, “Cure of Souls”
Dean Brown
*Oman, “Concerning the Ministry”
Dykes, “The Christian Minister”

Most helped by Watson (Ian Maclaren), Coffin, William Newton Clarke, W.A. Brown,
Fosdick, Glover, Marcus Dods, Forbush, Martineau, Peabody, Streeter, L.P. Jacks, William James, and Hocking. I find myself most often quoting these and using (consciously and unconsciously) their ideas.

(No pretentions that this is an “Ideal Book List.” Just those that one run-of-mine pastor found useful years on end.)

*Most used

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