Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jesse Halsey | Russian Passport

Noted in Jesse's Bible by his wife, Helen, as the "Bogus passport which saved the lives of 2 Americans in Russia 1917 save" the document says: "This Passport entitles 780.45 Rev. Jesse Halsey to 1 week's board at "Do Svidanya" Camp, "SI Chas" beach, Upper Chatequgay Lake-in-the-Adirondacks, United States of America, and a seat near the fireplace the while you tell what little you actually know about Russia."

It was signed, however, on Monday, March 18, 1918, by Howard D. Hadley, the former American Consul at the city of Samara, and Russell M. Story, about whom Jesse later writes, "One of my colleagues [Russell Story] was a professor of history and thought that he could predict the course of the Russian revolution by the history of the French. He was daily looking for “the man on horseback” and could never quite decide which was it: Trotsky or Lenin."

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