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McCormick Seminary Course Catalogue 1946-47

B. The Department of Pastoral Theology
Professor Halsey**

The purpose of this department is to prepare the pastor practically for the various spheres of usefulness today claiming his service. It deals with personal piety, his family life, his social manners, his intellectual habits, his pulpit presence, his executive and administrative responsibilities, and his relationships to his congregation, to the community, and to society.

*P 101. Common Worship. The principle of worship; theory and practice. Orders of worship; regular and special days. Writing of collects and prayers. The history of Christian worship. A foundation course with much writing and practice. ½ major, Winter quarter, Junior year.

*P 102. Church Policy. A consideration of the principles of the Presbyterian system of government, administrative and judicial, including the sacraments, ½ major, Spring quarter, Middle year.

*P 103. Functions of the Minister. A study of the minister himself; his habits; his education, cultural, and devotional development; essential qualities; fatal errors; duties in the parish; counseling; evangelism; the minister as “friend at large.” Discussion, lectures, and demonstration. ½ major, Autumn quarter, Senior year.

P 103-105. Practicum in Pastoral Theology. For men serving churches as student pastors or assistants. Orientation toward pastoral responsibilities; discussion of problems; supervision of field work in church activities. ¼ major, Each quarter.

P 113. Liturgical Practice. This course continues the study begun in Course P 101. It includes an intensive study of the church year and of special services which the minister must conduct. The minister’s practice is related to basic liturgical theory and history. ½ major.

P 114. Pastor’s Use of the Bible. Lectures, discussion, demonstration in the minister’s use of the English Bible for devotional and liturgical purposes. Bible passages and quotations for sick calling, for evangelistic and other services. Prayer-meeting talks, biographical studies of great Scripture characters, etc. An effort to relate the student’s knowledge of the Bible to pastoral duties. ¼ major, Spring quarter.

P 118. The Larger Parish. The Seminary has part in two larger parish projects. One in Mattoon Presbytery offers closely supervised work to six students who serve pastorates under the direction of Rev. Harry Bicksler, the Pastor-Director. In the Summer quarter these student pastors meet two hours each week in a Seminar Conference supervised by Mr. Bicksler, Dr. Cummins, and Professor Halsey. Representatives of the State Agricultural College, the Farm Bureau, the State Teachers’ College, the Federal Farm Bureau, the Grange and other organizations take part. 1 major.

P 140. Practicum in Church Management. Discussion of problems in the care of property, the development of organizations, the promotion of campaigns, and finances. Open to Middlers and Seniors. (Professor Halsey, Vice-President Neigh, Mr. Potts.) ¼ major.

P 143. Methods and Types of Evangelism. Reading and discussion of the types of evangelism; personal, parish, pastoral, group. (Professor Halsey and Professor Frank, assisted by local pastors.) ½ major.

* Prescribed for Seminary students.
** On leave Winter and Spring quarters, 1946-47. Prescribed courses in Pastoral Theology were given in the Autumn quarter.

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