Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Mr. Halsey’s Last Letters" | Sept. 1, 1917

The Messenger | Promoting the Work and Worship of The Seventh Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati

San Francisco, Cal.
Saturday P.M. Sept. 1, 1917

Dear friends,

First of all, I want to thank you for the generosity that makes my trip possible. I will try and prove a worthy representative of the Seventh Church.

The heartening attendance last Sunday morning makes me realize the intimacy of our fellowship during the past four years—and it is four years this week since I became your Minster.

My absence will place obligations on each of you, that I know will be gladly met, so that the work of the Church will not suffer.

I feel the short comings of my ministry among you and when I come back, will try and correct them.

I have the membership list with me, and beside, will carry you all in my heart, and though the censor may object to my writing you, I will be thinking of you just the same.

The verse that I leave with you, as the one I take with me, is one of Paul’s letters, —“I Tim. 1:1—“The Lord Jesus Christ who is our HOPE,” and now that the world has seen the failure of so many things, it becomes more evident that the Hope the Future is in our Master.

God bless you each one.

Your friend and Minister,
Jesse Halsey

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