Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Women Should Wash, Iron, Cook, and Live Long

“Modern woman is dying because the life in her is becoming stagnant for want of real work. She ought to get down and scrub the floor, do her own washing, ironing and general housework, in order better to enjoy life. She ought to think for herself, also, instead of running to libraries to get out a book and find out what some one else has thought.”

“I know what I’m talking about,” Miss Page smiled-serenely, “when I urge women to work with their hands and work hard. For six years I was connected with a sanitarium for nervous invalids in Kingston, N.Y. The head physician and myself both came to the conclusion that what sent most of our women patients to us was not too much but too little work.”

“. . . It’s important to exercise one’s muscles, but it’s also important to exercise one’s brains. We moderns fall in the latter respect quite as often as in the former. We take our romance ready-made from the 15-cent magazine. And most of the rest of our thoughts and beliefs are hand-me-downs.”

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