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October 5, 1939, cont.

Letter: Charles Halsey to Justine Comstock Halsey (14 pages total)

Thursday night
October 5, 1939
CHH : 552 Riverside Dr, NYC
JCH: 435 Riverside Street, Reno
Page 12

This vacation you’re on is the best for all concerned that it true, but darling not a permanent separation; not that. If you want a month–right. But tell me in three weeks that you will be back. You’ll make us both so happy and when you return I will make you doubly happy.

I almost feel that [this] has been brewing and finally culminated and acted upon in order to open my eyes and to make me realize more fully my duties as a husband and a father. I hope that is it, I still love you. I’ll hang on if you will—

Will you take another chance[?] I can promise you you won’t regret it.


Unfortunately for you and fortunately for me you took his keys from your bureau which are of no value to you and which are the keys to the garage in Southampton. Dad had to use my * to break the lock and put a new one in its place. You have the keys. You need not send them but bring them with you when you return on the October 19th or 20th. I’ll have the spotted calf killed. They are attached to a small metal ring. Yours are on a string and are larger.

In deep thought and concentration,
from this we have strayed far a field
and thus our trouble
To see thee more clearly—
Love the more dearly.
Follow thee more nearly.
--Richard of Winchester

Apart from thee all gain is loss
All lack or vainly done
The solemn shadow of the cross
Is better than the sun.

To such belongeth the kingdom of heaven. Matt 19:14

Quote—the little boy of eight had transgressed one of the major roles of the household code. Straightforwardly he confessed it, and held out his hand for punishment. After three sharp blows from the razor strap, the father was washing the boys hand in soap suds and warm water. “That’s the way we do it, isn’t it”? ventured the little fellow, chocking back his sobs.” That’s the way: wash it off and begin again.” So let us begin again together in a deeper relationship. Are you willing—I am—not you.

“Yea I have loved thee with an everlasting love: Therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee:” end quote.

“he called him a little child, and set him in the midst of them, and said, Verily I say unto you, except ye turn, and become as little children ye shall not enter in the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever there for shall humble himself as this little child, the same in the great in the kingdom of heaven. And who so shall receive one such child in my name recureth me.” Matt 18: 2-5

We have received our child, darling, but we have not received God—Let’s try over again with God helping us. It can be done, I know it can. Will you try, please for our sakes. Don’t give up yet you can’t. You must give us a chance, one more chance, to make a comeback.


Writing you has been like talking, it has helped—thank you.

2:15 AM Still sleepless **
Sleep came at 2:30 or 2:45 AM and at 5 o’clock Cameron cried out something but it woke me up he was crying and I heard Sheff leaving it is now 6:30. Oh! Darling Please tell me where you are you must I beseech you. If you won’t tell me and I have to endure one more week of this I will be a nervous wreck. I have tried to face it bravely, but it is slowly getting me. Can’t you see darling that you are the only one. You you you. May God bring you safely back to us again. You and you alone can mend my broken and distraught heart. Won’t you try---

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