Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Babbie's Dream


Thurs. Night [June 1, 1939]

Dear Jess,
What is this I hear through Mr. Ells and Mr. Moyer that you are appointed Vice Moderator with Dr. Higginbotton? You did not say anything about that in your letter. What does it mean? More work? Or more glory? Or a double-beated campaign the church union and missionary enterprise? Let the world move on. God bless you, only let me know about it, what shall I tell your inquiring friends?

Memorial Day was fine with Nan and Jack at their camp and Gardner Jagger the only representative of our older generation and Babbie slipping into their ranks watching waters of young the bathers. Boo, Louise, Boogie came for the night with me and broke the loneliness of the first night the old house.

Yesterday I went to Ibby’s for the night of little Jerry’s second birthday—found them well although Jean had had tonsillitis. I had a dream that has been with me all day, thought Edward came up the stairs bringing Lizbeth in his arms. I said, “O my Darling, you have come back to me!” She murmured, “Don’t talk to me just yet. I’ll be all right in a minute.” What you know were the last words she said to me. Her voice, the moment of experience, all so real, have been with me all day.

I wish you would write to Boo asking him about the estate encouraging him to keep after the real estate people about the house. Ed is away. It is all new to him. The market is bad and the place is eating itself up as it is—people are just beginning to rent, things here are so backward, but now are looking surprising well in the village, at the beach.

Goodnight and congratulations.


When are the gals coming?

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