Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"In fine style"

October 1937

Dear Justine,

It was a week ago today we had our big trip to your city and called on you. It was so nice to see you again and I hope our call didn’t delay you too late for your dinner engagement.

Charles Halsey, Jr | Riverside Drive, NYC | 1937
We didn’t see the show Winifred wanted to finally for when we reached the theatre district again we found only high priced seats left and the boys decided they were too expensive for us. We walked along Broadway and did some “window shopping” and finally came home on the 9 PM train so reached home at midnight instead of 4 AM. That suited me all right for I was tired enough to call it a day without doing any more.

The Sunday excursions from here are $2 for the round trip so I’d like to go again some Sunday and visit the Planetarium. I haven’t seen Radio City either so there is a lot for me to do down there yet. However, we crowded in plenty last Wednesday I think, but we had a good time anyway.

I was glad to meet your husband and he seemed very nice. Am glad you are so happy and now I can picture you both in your home when I think of you.

Hope you will come and see us whenever you can. You know there is a spare room so I can keep you overnight whenever you care to come.

Wonder if you are going to Winsted for Easter? If so, give my love to Aunt Laura.

I wish we could go to Torrington, but we can’t so I’ll have to be content and wait until later.

I expect you are busy caring for the 14 months old baby and I’m wondering if the mother has decided to go to Siberia and leave the baby with you? You will be tied down in fine style if that happens.

Come up when you can.


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