Thursday, December 11, 2014

Camp at Whalebone

Property owned by Jesse Halsey, Abigail Fithian Halsey, Lizbeth Halsey White at Whalebone Landing in 1903

Dec 1837 Jesse Halsey and wife Mary [Budd] give 2 acres at Whalebone to CH Halsey (b. 1830) 
The acreage is bordered by: N, Stephen Harris; E&S, David H. Rose (2 acres) [wife Mary Halsey is CHH’s sister]; W, Ed. W. Halsey [Jesse and Henry’s brother]. Charles's father, Henry Halsey, purchased 4 acres from his brother Edward W. Halsey's son (Ed. J Halsey) and this portion of approximately 6 acres was split between Lizbeth Halsey White and Abigail Fithian White.

In 1882, Elizabeth [Aunt Libby Halsey] Fowler gave her 6 acres to CHH (her three sons went to sea and never returned, Charles was her favorite nephew), and in 1903, CHH left the remaining 5 of those acres to Jesse Halsey. Nearby property is owned by the descendents of many of Henry Halsey's siblings, among others: E&S Wilmun Halsey (CHH's brother) heirs (Aunt Gus); Wm. S. Halsey; David Rose (wife, Mary was CHH's sister); W.S. Foster; J. Herrick; John J. Morgan; Theo. A. Halsey (related via Eliza Halsey, wife of Henry Halsey and daughter of Barzillai Halsey); Gladys Beckwith, and Elaine Beecham (Harris heirs).

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