Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Montauk Community Church Dedicated

7 Sept 1929 | Brooklyn Life
The Montauk Community Church building was dedicated last Sunday afternoon. A large congregation was present at the dedication service. The Rev. Jesse Halsey, D.D., of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Southampton was the chief speaker.

Dr. Halsey is a one-time Southampton boy, the Halsey home having been built something more than a hundred years ago and having been used by the successive generations. Dr. Halsey is now a pastor of the Seventh Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati. While a student at Princeton College he became interested in Sir Wilfred Grenfell's work in Labrador and went with him into the north during his college years. After studying at Princeton Seminary and later at Union Theological Seminary, he went again with Dr. Grenfell into Labrador, this time taking with him Mrs. Halsey, and staying there for three years. From this work he went to Cincinnati, and has been there ever since. His message at the dedication was that of one who knows and is deeply interested in Montauk, and came also from the experience of a man who has traveled widely and has become well known both as a missionary and as a pastor.

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