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January 1944 | Abigail Fithian Halsey to Jesse Halsey

Sunday Afternoon

Dear Jesse,

Well, this week our good friend Dr. Nugent left us, the funeral was yesterday. He has been bed ridden and I guess stricken on one side since Nov.—Only last week I went in and he said, “Come up.” He and Helen and I had such a good time. I had had a call from Ada Bishop and regaled him with her account of Henry losing his false teeth at night. He lay prone on his bed, but chuckled away and enjoyed it. Helen has been so fine all thru and called me and asked me to write an article for the Press—says it is one of her greatest comforts, it’s so like old times.

I told her I tried to write something he’d like to read and that she and Liz would approve of.

I’ve been shut in the house all week with bronchitis—that ends in a wracking cough, but it’s letting up and I shall get out tomorrow. Jerry had chicken pox and now Jean is down with it, well broken out. Ibby is the valiant one of us all, but is expecting her call any time, is very well. Jerry was home Thurs. after working all night and so tired he slept most of the day. But a great comfort to Ib. to have him come.

The Rulands celebrated their January birthdays by going to Tobey’s (Camp) for supper last night and took Jerry with them. The Herricks are happy today with John and Dorie and Connie all at home. Adelaide spent a day with us and is grand and Ethel takes lovely care of her going and coming. They came in after Dr. Nugent’s funeral Friday.

Dan Halsey and all of them were sick but are better now, also Mr. Van Brunt. Days are very late in the morning, but the sun stays up a little longer.

Let me know your plans, when and where you will be coming out next month—would you be home sometime to get some oysters if I could get any to send? Henry hasn’t been along for two weeks, but the ice must be out now for it is mild for a change.

I have loved Dunnybrook and wish Adelaide Wentworth [of Cincinnati] were here to read of her Kittery. Of course, you knew Dr. Kennon Dunham’s son [Harry] was lost in aviation [while serving in New Guinea]. Sarah Withrow’s letters are full of it, says Mrs. D. stands it wonderfully, Dr. Dunham not so well. A lovely letter finally from Mrs. [W. E.] Stilwell [in Cincinnati] who is broken hearted over the University School going out.

So ends my weekly chronicle with my love for you and all, am anxious to know Abbie’s plans. I hope you all are well and I look forward to being with you all, but feel I am in the right place, and Ibby is certainly fine. Ed is in Wash. And last week had Eddie and Helen and Anita Howell down to N.Y. for a lovely weekend all together Eddie was in and looks well, goes into the Navy tomorrow. Take care of yourself and take time to rest.


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