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"Southampton public school has distinction of having two Labrador children on its roll."

 The children were brought here by Mrs. Jesse Halsey, wife of a minister at Dr. Grenfell's station at St. Anthony's, Newfoundland. The Rev. Mr. Halsey is a native of Southampton and has been located in Labrador for a number of years and tkaes a great interest in the education of the children at the Far North Mission. He will soon join his wife here, having been granted a leave of absence. 
4 Nov. 1912 | Brooklyn Daily Eagle
The two children, who are being education in the Southampton school through the generosity of Mr. Halsey, are Alfred, aged 11 years, and Alice, aged 15, children of Edward Evans, a reindeer herder employed by Dr. Grenfell. As they were under 16 years of age and not accompanied by their parents, they wre temporarily held by the immigration inspectors in Boston, where they arrived October 15 on the auxilary schooner George B. Cluett. The vessel was twenty-four days on the passing from St. Anthony's, and during the most of the time was best with furious gales and heavy seas.

Helen I. Halsey on board The Geo. B. Cluett
Archibald Ash of Red Bay, N.F. and John Newell of St. Anthony's were also passengers who made the trip to Boston. This is Mr. Ash's second visit to the United State. He has attended Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, and will re-enter that school to take a course in electrical engineering. His previous study was in mechanical engineering. On his return to Labrador he was given the work of making plans for a public building and he prepared the same in a faultless manner. Mr. Newell will study carpentry. When they have completed their studies, they will return North to engage in teaching. 

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