Wednesday, January 18, 2012

from Jesse Halsey's Prayer File

“I Say My Prayer” by Cora Morton

I say my prayer tonight with grateful heart,
Though outwardly the world brought nothing new.
No gift for men to see, nor act apart
From habit and routine. I plied my task
As I shall do tomorrow. Yet, dear Lord,
It is for simple things like these I ask.
Thou wilt accept my thanks. With fateful sword
Unsheathed in many lands, so many men
Have quite forgot the softness of a breeze,
The joy of homely toil. I pray unto these
Who, fighting for great ends, must forfeit small
And intimate delights. My humdrum days
Take on new meaning with their moments all
Deep-rooted in Thy peace, filled with Thy praise
The World war-torn, I thank Thee, Lord, again
For quiet corners such as mine.

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