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Halsey Films | Frame by Frame Index | c 1926 | Cincinnati, Lake Placid, Boston, Southampton, Whalebone

Film Still | Frederick Halsey | Cincinnati | c1931
1) Cincinnati c1931 Scottie dog, Frederick Halsey (in white shirt and white pants, getting into car), unidentified young boy and girl at car?

2) (00:24) Cincinnati 1926 Frederick (in white shirt and dark short pants) and Abigail Halsey (mowing),  7th Presbyterian, older man on sidewalk?, street car, delivery to church, likely Charlie Casey (janitor at Seventh Presbyterian; man in hat and glasses by church plague), Abbie and Frederick on bikes, Wilmun "Billy" Halsey, Abbie, Charles (mowing and on bike), Abbie and Freck (by door), Charles (coming out door in hat), Billy and Abbie (on tricycles), Freck (drawing on sidewalk and opening garage), Charles (driving), Freck and Abbie (getting into car), Freck and Charles (wrestling), Abbie (in dress), Abbie and Billy (playing store), Helen (in knee socks), Charles, Billy, Abbie (on bike), Freck and Abbie with Charlie Casey, Billy, Abbie, Freck (getting into car), unidentified young woman in coat in front of Helen Sr.?, Helen Halsey Sr, Helen Jr. (w/out coat), Charles (in suit getting into driver’s seat), Abbie on tricycle with Helen (in hat)

3) (03:05) Cincinnati c1926 Charles (dark suit), Frederick (light suit), Billy (in sailor suit and w/violin), Abbie (with umbrella), Helen (in smocking), maid (in doorway), Helen Sr in doorway with umbrella and Billy and Abbie, Helen (in smocking), Abbie and Billy with children at water fountain and people in park

4) (04:10) Lake Placid 1926 Grandfather Frederick Isham, Freck (exiting and entering house), Abbie and Helen (picking flowers), Helen (knee socks), Abbie (in hat), Freck (short pants, lifting Abbie), Billy (in coat and cap), Charles (playing on fence w/ hat), Billy (in cap), Freck walking with Abbie down path, Helen, Helen, Billy and Abbie walking down street into store, Helen, Billy and Helen outside house, Billy and Abbie in garden

5) (04:53) Concord/Boston/Bunker Hill Monument 1926 Men with ox cart, Helen Halsey, Helen Jr., and Abbie with women and children walking across bridge (Isham cousins?), Bunker Hill Memorial, street scenes in Boston, Boston Harbor, train station, rowing on Charles River?, Abbie and Helen on Boston Street, New Hampshire w/Dr. and Mrs. John Mason Little’s family (following death of Dr. Little in March 1926?)

6) (07:36) Whalebone 1926 Jesse Halsey (white shirt, cap, tending fire pit), Helen Halsey (white dress, black hat, sitting with girls), unidentified bald man in black suit sitting?, Sam Herrick and Edward Pearson White (in boat), Frederick Halsey (black suit by boat), Edward Post White, Sr. (in beach chair), Nancy Herrick Hartwell (blond on left), Joanna Ruland (dark hair, striped suit?), unidentified boy in diamond suit?, Elizabeth “Ibby” White Adams (S on suit), Frederick Halsey (black suit, right of Ibby), Jesse Halsey (in beach chair), Lizbeth Halsey White (patterned dress and hat), Abigail Halsey (child), Helen Halsey Sr. (white dress, black hat), Abigail Fithian Halsey (seated, white dress, hat w/ black tie), Bill Bishop (glasses, bow tie?), unidentified bald man sitting in black suit, Aunt Edna Halsey Ruland (dark hair, gray dress, standing), Aunt Augusta “Gussie” Terry Halsey (black hat and black dress), Nan Herrick (glasses), Alma Jaggar Bishop (standing, in white), Jane and Alma Bishop (small children), Aunt “Gussie” Halsey (in black) and Aunt Edna Ruland (dark hair, gray dress, standing), Bill Bishop (glasses, cap), Edward Post White and Lizbeth Halsey White, Abigail “Babbie” Fithian Halsey (white dress, w/pole), Bill Bishop and Edward White horsing around, Bill Bishop pulls Babbie into sand, Jesse Halsey (in black suit), Bill Bishop (on ground), Babbie (with rake), Edna Ruland and Joanna Ruland? (in background), Gussie Halsey (in chair), Abigail Halsey, Alma Bishop, Jane Bishop (in surf), Sam Herrick, Edward Pierson White, Billy Halsey (in boat), Aunt Nan Herrick (folding blanket), Uncle Bill Bishop (glasses, hat, left), Uncle Jack Herrick (right)

7) (08:53) Southampton, 49 No. Main c1926 Charles Halsey (mowing), Jesse Halsey (white shirt), Helen Halsey (crossing street with cake), Jesse (mowing), Charles (driving), Abbie (on top of wagon), (Bug House) Jane Bishop, Helen Bishop, Alma Bishop, Abbie, Billy, Charles carrying Abbie and Billy piggyback

8) (10:18) Whalebone c1926 Uncle Jack Herrick (splitting wood), Abbie Halsey (surfing), Billy Halsey, Helen Bishop, Abbie, Sam Herrick, Helen Halsey, (small children), Frederick and Jesse (?) getting into clamming boat, Nancy Herrick, Aunt Nan Herrick, Aunt Alma Bishop? (pumping water); Abbie, Billy, Sam, Jane (sliding); (21:50) Dr. and Mrs. Craven? Lizbeth Halsey White?, Helen Halsey, Uncle Bill Bishop, Jane Bishop, Abbie, Billy, Herrick family, Helen Halsey Jr. (girl in white, bottom left, by stairs), Aunt Nan, Uncle Jack, Nancy, Sam, Uncle Bill Bishop (far right), Helen Halsey (bottom of slide), Jane Bishop, Abbie

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