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Halsey Films | Frame by Frame Index | Southampton 1947, Shinnecock 1945, Shinnecock 1949

Film Still | Jesse Halsey with Grandchildren | Shinnecock 1949
1) 49 No. Main South Side (color) 1947 Aunt Helen Halsey Haroutunian holding Joe Haroutunian Jr., Sophie Haroutunian, Uncle Jim Van Allen (white t-shirt), Uncle Joe Haroutunian Sr. (with pipe), Grandmother Helen Isham Halsey and Grandfather Jesse Halsey (in front of tiger lilies), Uncle Joe and Joe Jr. (in front of bug house), Jesse holding Sophie, Helen Halsey (right), (front of 49 No. Main) Aunt Abigail Halsey Van Allen, Sophie, Jesse, Helen, Joe, Joe Jr., Aunt Abbie, Aunt Abbie and Uncle Joe (wrestling), (back of 49 No. Main) Joe Jr., (baby) on Uncle Joe’s lap being fed by Aunt Helen, Aunt Abigail “Babbie” Fithian Halsey (in blue in background), Jesse, Uncle Jim (w/ pail in front of bungalow), Aunt Abbie (on swing), Aunt Abbie and Aunt Babbie

 2) (03:05) 4th of July Shinnecock 1945 Abbie Van Allen (red cap), Jimmy and Ena Bishop (in car), Jesse Halsey (in hammock), Ena and Jimmy, Abbie, Charles Halsey Sr. (blue shirt), Sophie (on Helen Haroutunian’s lap), baby chicks, Joe Jr., (baby on blanket petting chick), Sophie (in overalls) with Bill Halsey (on bench), Toby Talmadge (dark hair, between Sophie and Bill), Joe Jr. (baby on right of bench), Susan White (blond child), Aunt Nan and Uncle Jack Herrick, Jane Bishop (w/glasses) and her husband (w/coffee cup), Tom White? (man in foreground?), Aunt Nan, Aunt Louise White, Helen Bishop (blue stripes drinking coffee) Jane Bishop (behind Helen), Uncle "Boo" White (in background), Aunt “Ibby” Elizabeth White Adams (white shirt), Jeannie Adams (young girl) (04:34) Bishop's Tower in background, Joanna Ruland Honnett (in red shirt), William “Bill” Bishop (with white cap), Susan White (blond girl) and Toby, Aunt Ibbie, Jeannie Adams, Tommy White?, Bill Bishop, Jerry Adams (boy), Susan White (with dog), Toby (striped shirt), Jim Bishop (red white stripes), Charles Halsey, Jim Van Allen (with pipe), Joseph Haroutunian, Jesse Halsey (in background), Nan Herrick (in background), dark-haired woman smoking in lower left?, Aunt Ibby holding Sallie Adams, Jane Bishop (lower right), Bill Halsey (holding leather case), Mr. ? Talmadge (carrying table), Toby (child on lap), Uncle Roy Ruland (sitting), Aunt Nan Ruland (sitting), Amanda Ruland Talmadge (dark striped shirt, white shorts), Tommy Honnett (boy in white shirt), Joanna Honnett (red stripes), Sophie (overalls), Frances Raynor Halsey (sitting left), Bill Halsey (sailor suit), Charles Halsey Sr., Helen Halsey, Charles Halsey Jr. (boy in middle), Jesse Halsey, Meme and Pop Raynor (in white hat), Helen and Sophie, Joseph Sr., holidng Joe, Jr., Aunt Abigail “Babbie” Fithian Halsey (back, right), Abbie Van Allen (red cap), (Meme puts Pop Raynor’s hat on Helen Halsey, Abbie tickles Charles Jr., Charles Sr. holding Bill, Jim Van Allen, Charles Halsey Jr., (on shoulders); (05:55) Jimmy, Jim Jr., Ena Bishop, Aunt Alma Bishop, Helen Bishop White (sitting), Uncle Bill Bishop (blue button down), Alma “Bobbie” Bishop holding Susan Bishop White, Jane Bishop (holding dog); Elizabeth “Ibby” White Adams, Jeannie, Jerry, and Sally Adams (06:13) Uncle “Boo” Harry and Aunt Louise White (in glasses and gray shirt, blue button down), Harry “Boojie” and Merritt “Bobbin” White, Nan and Jack Herrick, friends of Van Allens (couple in white), Tom White Sr.? (blond man), James Van Allen (red cap), two young women in white and blue (Herricks?), Uncle Jack and Aunt Nan Herrick, Toby (child), Charles Halsey (sitting), Jesse Halsey (sitting), Pop Raynor (white hat, sitting), Uncle Boo White (doing sit ups?), Helen Halsey, Roy Ruland, Nan Ruland, Babbie Halsey, Sophie (child on ground), Helen Haroutunian, Frances Halsey, Meme Raynor (on hammock), Bill Bishop, Louise White, Nan Herrick, Alma Bishop, Helen Bishop White, Susan White (child), Alma “Bobbie” Bishop, Tom White Sr. (on ground), (06:52) Van Allen friends from Annapolis on boat with Jim Van Allen, Jim and friend (walking on beach), Abbie (in car), Abbie and Jim at Halsey Neck Lane

3) (07:33) Shinnecock Summer 1949 Cynthia Van Allen, Bill Halsey (in sailor suit), unidentified baby? (in chair), Abigail Van Allen (holding Cynthia), Jesse Halsey, Joe Haroutunian Jr., Bill Halsey (on hammock), Abbie and Cynthia, Jesse, Joe Jr., Bill, Helen Halsey (in doorway), Sophie Haroutunian (w/ girl in doorway and swimming in pink suit w/ swim hat), Toby Talmadge (dark-haired girl in water), Amanda Ruland Talmadge (woman in surf in hat with blond boy?), unidentified girl? (in blue suit in water), Jerry and Jeannie Adams (in water), Joe Jr. (dark shorts on beach), Aunt Ibby (sitting in sunhat on left), Abbie (black suit), Helen Haroutunian (standing), two women on right (friends of Herricks?), Amanda and Toby, Joe Jr., and Aunt Edna Ruland (back to camera), Amanda Talmadge (with blond baby?), Edna Ruland (lower right corner), Helen Haroutunain (waving on beach), Frances Halsey (white suit), unidentified woman (in sunglasses and bikini?), Amanda Talmadge (with blond baby?), unidentified woman (in dark suit) and child (in red suit) in surf?, Sophie and Joe Jr. (in surf), Jerry Adams (young boy standing on beach), Helen and Sophie (coming out of water), Bobbin White? (first boy running toward camera), Tommy Honnet (mother is Joanna Ruland), Charles Halsey, Jr. (sticking out tongue), Jerry Adams, (all running out of water toward camera), girl in robe?, Jeannie Adams (girl in bathing cap), Helen and Sophie, unidentified woman? (dark suit, ponytail), girl in sunglasses?, Jane Bishop (white suit on right), (09:27) Jesse Halsey (cutting watermelon), Joe Jr., (on left), Boojie White (right of Jesse), Joe Jr., (on Jesse’s lap eating watermelon), Toby (to Joe Jr.’s right in overalls), Bill Halsey (in sailor suit), unidentified child (Bishop child? to right of Bill Halsey), Cynthia (baby on left), Tom White Jr. (baby on right)

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