Thursday, January 12, 2012

William B. Wherry: Bacteriologist

"Men write their own biographies"

WHEN William Buchanan Wherry died, a colleague 
declared that fr the last and the greatest of the bacteri- 
ologists of our period" had gone. Those who share this opin- 
ion find the evidence in his scientific papers. But Wherry 
had a hold upon the men of his circle {those of Cincinnati, 
especially) not explained by the listing of his publications. 
The fact has called forth this Nachruf . Seven hundred stood 
at his funeral. They were not his relatives alone, but those 
who made his city, his university, his hospital, his health board; 
and a bereft conglomerate which could not otherwise declare 
affection. It is for these that the incidents of the following 
pages have been gathered together. 

--Martin Fischer 

He died here Sunday , 

unknown to the 

general public. But 

that is as he wanted it. 

His scientific work 

was for use, not 

for the spotlight. 
--{Cincinnati Post editorial) 

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