Friday, September 12, 2014

Blue Blood

Melvina Dunreath Terry [of Terrytown] married Charles Halsey [of Southampton], Melvina's sister, Joanna Augusta Terry married Charles's brother Wilmun Halsey [of Southampton], Melvina's brother, Thomas Reuben Terry, married Josephine Adelaide Terry and had Adelaide Terry who married W. G. Corwin [of Southampton], Melvina's sister Susan Alma Terry married George Kinsey, and Melvina's other sister Amanda LaCost Terry married Sylvester Ruland. Joanna Augusta Terry and Wilmun Halsey had one daughter, Edna Halsey. Amanda LaCost Terry and Sylvester Ruland had five children: Augustus, Phebe, Leroy, Melvina [Vinie], and Chester. Their son, Leroy Ruland, married Edna Halsey, his first cousin, [of Southampton].

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