Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Students Of Sabbath Schools Should Be Taught Philanthropy


"[Philanthropy] should become a part of the Sunday schools. It would be well to [hire] a director of social activity whose [thinking] should be to relate the Sunday school to social help for others," declared Rev. Samuel Tyler, rector of the Church of the Advent, at yesterday's supper of workers in the Baptist Institute at the Ninth Street Church. Mr. Tyler Is President of the Social Workers' Club of this city.

"The relation of the Sunday school and social service has been barely touched upon," said Mr. Tyler. "Religon is essentially social. The aim of present-day Christianity is to make the world a better place to live in. We must teach the child in the Sunday school the social character of Christianity. The principle of service is vital. We must try to make the children see their responsibility for the welfare of others.

"Especially can we follow this out in the public health and preventable disease. Every year over half a million deaths occur which could be spared. If Christ was the Great Physician his followers ought to be interested in the sorrow and waste of disease that need not be. "Our Sunday-school teachers must try to relate their teachings to life. The children, individually or in classes, should help poor families, visit philanthropic institutions or keep in touch with the movement for the social betterment. The public school children often clean the streets. There is no reason why Sunday-school children should not do so also. The better way to carry this out I would suggest the appointment in each school of a director of social activity to outline the ways of service . . ."

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