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Dr. Thomas and Miriam Marsh Haynes

Thomas and Miriam moved from Haverhill MA to Bennington VT between 1 March 1763 when their son Samuel was born in Haverhill, MA, and 4 January 1765, when their son Jonathan was born at Bennington.

Dr. Thomas Haynes was in the Battle of Bennington. Thomas served as surgeon in Gen. Amherst's army and was present at the taking of Ticonderoga, and accompanied the prisoners to Cambridge, MA.

[Ethen Allen had organized a volunteer militia, the Green Mountain Boys, to resist New York's bid to take over Bennington. At the outbreak of the American Revolution, the force offered their services against the British, and under orders from the CT legislature, captured Fort Ticonderoga 10 May 1775. In 1778 Allan appeared before the Continental Congress in behalf of a claim by Vermont for recognition as an independent state, and he and his brother Ira devoted most of their time to that end.]
On 27 April 1782, Thomas Haynes was one of the appraisers of the inventory of John Armstrong, late of Bennington. At the distribution of the estate, Sibbeus Armstrong was Administrator and Guardian to the minor children, and Thomas Haynes of Bennington was Surety.

In 1789 Thomas Haynes went to North Hero VT to look after some land which he owned there. He died at North Hero on 26 November 1789. His family afterwards moved to this place and continued to live there. North Hero was in Chittenden County in 1787-1792, Franklin County in 1792-1802, and Grand Isle County from 1802 on.

Probate Records
Guardianships of the Children.

Aaron Haynes was appointed guardian to Moses Haynes, minor son of Thomas Haynes of Bennington, deceased. Mr. Aaron Haynes and Samuel Haynes posted bond.

Mrs. Miriam Haynes, widow, was appointed guardian to Huldah Haynes and Miriam Haynes, minor daughters of Thomas Haynes late of Bennington, deceased. Mrs. Miriam Haynes and Samuel Haynes executed a bond L1000.

David Haynes was appointed guardian to Elijah Haynes minor son of Doctor Thomas Haynes late of Bennington deceased. Mr. David Haynes and Zepheniah Holmes executed a bond of L500.

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