Wednesday, February 5, 2014

from "Among the Deep Sea Fishers" | April 1911

Items From the New England Grenfell Association

The latest news from St. Anthony comes from Dr. Little, whose letter is dated January 31, and has therefore been about five weeks on the way; being brought by first dog team mail, south. He reports very cold weather and doubly appreciates the heating apparatus installed this year at the hospital. In this comfort for the north New England friends of the mission may take great pleasure. The entire heating and plumbing for St. Anthony was furnished by them and their gifts made it possible for Mr. Halsey to ship together all the materials necessary last summer by Doctor Grenfell’s schooner, from Boston, when Mr. Halsey himself offered his own services to install the plant needed for the long winter. Does it not make us sleep the better and feel a deep gratitude to ourselves that we have been privileged to provide this comfort for the Doctor’s needy sick in the north? “When winds are cold let charity be warm.”

E. E. W., Secretary
10th March 1911

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