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from "Among the Deep Sea Fishers" | July 1910

Items from the Grenfell Association of America

Mr. Jesse Halsey, who was a volunteer last year, will go again this year, taking his bride with him. Mr. Halsey has recently been ordained to the ministry in the Presbyterian Church and will preach on Sundays and do plumbing on week days! Mrs. Halsey is expected to have charge of the Guest House.

Dr. Ethan Flagg Butler, who has just been made and M.D. by Johns Hopkins, will accompany Dr. Grenfell on the Strathacona this summer, taking the place that has been so ably filled by Dr. John Mason Little, Jr., who is to have charge of the hospital at St. Anthony.

Items from the New England Grenfell Association

The Lorna Doone sailed on the 26th of May with a full cargo, most of which of necessity had to be crated, as it consisted of hospital fittings and furniture which could be sent in no other way in safety. This required much more space than usual, consequently a number of boxes were left for a later voyage, which we hope may be early in July, when the heating and plumbing apparatus will be sent under charge of Mr. Jesse Halsey of Southampton, Long Island. Mr. Halsey is to give his summer in installing the water supply and heating apparatus in both hospitals and the orphanage.

From St. Anthony Items
3rd May 1910

Dear Mr. Editor,--
Meanwhile it is snowing hard; the ground is white all over. We hope to get a mail any day, as the Arctic ice is a long way off shore. Through Mr. Jesse Halsey, who was here last year as a volunteer worker for Princeton, we have been given the old pipes and plumbing of the Union Seminary in New York. Any money specially given toward the installation of a drain and water supply for the new hospital and orphanage will be administered under his very able hands. With his young wife he is going to join our staff for a year. All these two new splendid buildings want now are these installations. It will mean a great permanent saving in labour and expense.

. . . The human being consists of body, soul, and spirit, and a sin against either of these is a sin which brings its punishment inevitably. Therefore, it is, we feel that God will equally honour him who doctors the body, or teaches the mind, as him who proclaims the verbal message of the Gospel. It is this faith that actuates workers such as we have here, who for no monetary return whatever, are willing to freely donate their services and endure the privations of this far off coast.

W. T. Grenfell

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