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from "Among the Deep Sea Fishers" | July 1911

Items from the New England Grenfell Association

…A letter from Mr. Halsey of St. Anthony gives the following items: “The pipe cutting machine that the New England Grenfell Association provided has been invaluable and without it we could not have done the hospital with its heavy three inch and four inch pipe. This also will be used in installing the orphanage heater given by Mrs. Proctor which we could not finish last fall. It was getting late and cold to work under the building and as the grates for the boiler didn’t come I gave it up until spring. In the summer we can do a better job, putting more of the pipes under the floor by digging, which was impossible after the frost came last fall. In the cellar of the old pat of the hospital I put a water tank (for air pressure) and as the old well only furnished two barrels, or less, a day, I ran a pipe below frost to the little brook west of the hospital and that has supplied the twenty barrels that they use daily, most of the time, though sometimes no water was running and it all had to be carted from Mr. Ashe’s brook, which is no fun in bad weather! Next winter we must have a proper water system. It means a lot of blasting and the building of a reservoir but it would save much work and more worry.” Another opportunity offered to help in this work. Mr. Halsey will make good use of the college volunteers this summer we are sure in giving them a chance to serve in this line.

…The land about the school house needs to be laid out. One of the Yale volunteers for this summer has been commissioned by Dr. Grenfell to organize under Mr. Halsey the old boys of St. Anthony into a “Self and Social Improvement Society.” The land needs paths, drainage, etc., and in the fall trees (such as are native to that soil) planted; also could have the red kalmias, the fireweeds, etc., planted in rows and bunches and the plot laid our artistically with local natural plants. This would give an admirable evening work and would be a real lesson and uplift. The boys could have their own society with officers of their own choice, all in miniature. For this purpose we sent via the “Lorna Doone” a couple of light wheelbarrows for carrying earth and soil, etc., and a half dozen of boys’ garden spades, and also two picks and spades for men. It may be possible soon for the children of St. Anthony to keep a few hens and for this the “agricultural fund” given by interested people yearly may be drawn upon. Possibly other friends would like to make gifts for this definite purpose….

E. E. W., Secretary
June 10th, 1911.

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