Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Letter from Christie to Halsey | 1939

Westminster Presbyterian Church
Wilmington, Delaware

John W. Christie, Minister
1304 Delaware Avenue
Wilmington, Del.

[May 1939]

Dear Jess,

Thank you for your letters. Bob very much appreciated his. Hope you will come to Board meeting in June—altho I may have to be at synod at Hood College on that Wednesday. Probably will be home that night.

Mr. [Jasper E.] Crane was unwell part of the Assembly and had to go to bed on Thursday, but is out again. I think he enjoyed the affair. Whatever comes before him will be thoroughly examined—and decided on the strictest principles a conscience that came out of New England originally can find. When he deviates from justice and truth as he sees them I will despair of their continuance on this old globe. Partiality or favoritism he does not understand. So if your Pension matters come to him see to it that he has all the facts. Nothing else will sway him. I think he will prove to be the most valuable layman the Gen. Council secures in our generation.

Have been reading Hodge on the 1837 fight and ran across a few pages that you must read—In his “Polity” (which you have) please read Chap X—Page 157—on “Presbyterian Liturgies.”

Am glad the Ass. goes to Rochester next year. Darling tells me that D. Wallace MacMillian and Luccock both gave him needed and able assistance in his Com. I have written notes to both of them. Evidently they had their hands full.

From all I can learn the Assembly did a fine job on every serious bit of work presented. Was greatly pleased at the Pension and Princeton outcomes. Wonder who the “skunks” turned out to be? Have not idea, at present.

Love to you—and Thanks.


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