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from "Among the Deep Sea Fishers" | October 1911

Judging from the news given in the New England items the Superintendent’s matrimonial venture is tending to encourage the others. If these alliances between members of the staff are to continue, service under Dr. Grenfell will become even more popular than at present.

Just as this number was in press the following item from the Boston Herald of the 30th of September came to hand.

“The marriage is announced of Dr. John Mason Little, Jr., of this city and Miss Ruth Esther Keese at St. Anthony, N.F., last Sunday. Miss Keese, who has many friend here is the daughter of the late Rev. William A. Keese of Lunenburg and Mrs. Elizabeth Keese, the latter now living at Ashburnham, where her son is at school.

Miss Keese for the past four years has been helping in Dr. Wilfred T. Grenfell’s work at St. Anthony as a teacher in the school in the winter and in the summer in the hospital. She is greatly beloved by the people. Dr. Little, who is a graduate of Harvard ’97, is in charge of the hospital and is surgeon-in-chief.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Jesse Halsey, formerly of Southampton, L.I., another of Mr. Grenfell’s assistants. Dr. and Mrs. Little will continue their work at St. Anthony.”

All the reads of the magazine will wish these two most valued members of the Mission staff very great happiness and prosperity.

E. W.W., Secretary
16th September, 1911

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