Wednesday, February 5, 2014

from "Among the Deep Sea Fishers" | January 1912

The First Cruise of the George B. Cluett

… However, she got away on the following Saturday morning, and arrived in St. Anthony the next week, Friday, having made the trip in just seven days. Mr. Halsey wrote of the latter part of the trip: “I would not have given ten cents for our $500 deck cargo, but the captain and men worked like Trojans and not a thing was lost!” . . .

“We had a very rough trip down to St. Anthony. The Rev. Jesse Halsey and wife and child went with us. Mrs. Halsey made a good sailor, but Mr. Halsey could not get over seasickness so he did not enjoy the trip very much. The weather was very rough at St. Anthony while we were discharging cargo, but notwithstanding the stormy passage we had coming down, the cargo came out in good condition.”

–H.C. Pickels, Schr. Geo. B. Cluett

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