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from "Among the Deep Sea Fishers" | April 1912

Annual Report of the Grenfell Association of America

The schooner Geo. B. Cluett sailed from New York on her maiden trip on August 1st, 1911, carrying a very large cargo of miscellaneous supplies for the Mission stopping at Boston and Halifax to add still more to her already full cargo. She had been chartered by Mr. W. R. Stirling of Chicago for a pleasure trip to Labrador, with the understanding that he should take on his outward trip these supplies and leave them at the various mission stations, which he did. After this the vessel took the party well up on the Labrador coast, returning to Boston early in October, having proved herself with a few exceptions all that could be expected of such a boat.

She made her second trip to the North, leaving Boston in November, which seemed a hazardous, but absolutely necessary step to take, at this season of the year. She was loaded with the winter’s supplies of coal, food, and building materials, as well as having on board Mr. and Mrs. Halsey and their baby. She made the trip safely and expeditiously to St. Anthony, and returned to St. John’s, where she was chartered to carry a load of fish to Pernanbuco, Brazil. She made this trip in 30 days, leaving Brazil for the West Indies, arriving at Barbadoes in eight days, making a record trip between the two ports for a vessel of that kind.

Her next venture will be to carry a cargo of molasses from the West indies to St. John’s, after which we hope she will again be in New York, ready to take the furnishings for the new Institute to St. John’s, returning once more to the United States for the summer’s supplies for the Mission. After this it is hoped to charter her for the summer.

….A Special Study and Survey of the Needs and Possibilities of the Mission.

—In view of the action taken at our meeting a year ago regarding the possible taking over of the management of the Labrador Medical mission by the Grenfell Association of America, it was deemed advisable to send and expert in such matters to Labrador to make a careful study of the situation and report the exact condition at each point where work was being carried forward under the direction of the Mission. Mr. Cecil S. Ashdown, a representative of Price, Waterhouse & Company, was selected to do this very important work. He left New York early in June for St. John’s, spending the summer making a careful survey of the entire field, which he has embodied in a most exhaustive report. Too much praise cannot be given to Mr. Ashdown for the painstaking manner in which he performed his duties.

… A result of this survey has been the formation at St. Anthony of a special committee which reports monthly to our Executive Committee, and Dr. J.M. Little, who was with us two years ago, has been appointed officer in charge at St. Anthony, and is chairman of this committee.

… Rev. Jesse Halsey, who has been connected with the Mission for some time under a merely nominal salary, has been chose as purchasing agent and general business manager of the entire Mission.

The purchasing of supplies, which in former years was done almost wholly from the field, has been transferred largely to this office in the interests of economy. We might also add that this has brought an added degree of responsibility to our office.

Willis E. Lougee, Secretary
5th March, 1912.

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