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from "Among the Deep Sea Fishers" | July 1911

St. Anthony Items

Evening classes have been held for older persons, and for the more advanced of the boys and girls by Mr. Halsey, and Mr. Wright. Miss Brown has also held dressmaking classes for the maids, with the object of enabling them to save expense by manufacturing their own clothing.

The Methodist Church choir has been taken in hand by Mrs. Wakefield, aided by Miss Keese and Mr. Evans, and has now become self-supporting and independent of the fluctuating musical talent of the constantly changing mission staff.

…On April 6th a new member of the mission staff appeared in the person of Master Charles Henry Halsey! Congratulations all round to the parents, to the mission, and to the new member!

Mr. Halsey has spent a useful winter in superintending our missionary plumbing, finishing up the cement floors, etc., of the new hospital, mending burst pipes, and doing innumerable little things, which, if perhaps not much noticed at the time, would, however, be very much noticed if left undone! He has also held a regular weekly Bible class, and has been very good in reading, etc., to the patients.

A. W. Wakefield

Jesse Halsey & Charles Henry

Some additional information is given by Dr. Little in a letter to Dr. Grenfell of the 19th of February, 1911, the following extracts from which we have been permitted to print:

Halsey has an advanced class in night school, geometry, physics, chemistry, etc. Dr. Coker has been illustrating lectures with experiments—very interesting. Wright has from twelve to eighteen in the lower classes of night school. He is a great help in every way. Evans has full charge of the camps., keeping records, etc. Miss Storr and Mrs. Wakefield have the Bible class for women, Halsey for the men.

…We have just had a very good service in the wards, Halsey preaching. I am wondering what sort of a crowd there will be here next summer and what your plans will be. I expect you will find your hands full when you resume the reins.

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