Wednesday, February 5, 2014

from "Among the Deep Sea Fishers" | January 1912

Dr. Grenfell’s Log
September 12, 1911

Mr. Jesse Halsey has joined the permanent staff, and every one is perfectly delighted. Our “Saint in overalls” is as acceptable as a blaster of rocks as he is when he presides over a wedding ceremony at which he has satisfied us all in marrying Doctor John Mason Little, Jr., who is our doyen of surgery, to Miss Ruth Keese, whom we all know as embodied sunshine.

If there is one event of the season over which we rejoice more than another it is this event, which we trust will give us a further probability of being able to keep them both with us for many more years to come. To the Miss Littles also who by presiding over the Children’s Home, have enabled the good Miss Storr to a furlough to England we offer many thanks.

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