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from "Among the Deep Sea Fishers" | January 1910

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The Staff at Battle Harbour Hospital, 1909
To the Reverend James H. Taylor, of the Central Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C., who was last summer a welcome visitor to the Coast, we are indebted for the admirable picture in this number of the staff at Battle Harbour Hospital. Three of the young ladies of the staff—Miss Louise Hegan, Miss Edith Hegan, and Miss Carr-Harris—have, as they put it, “allowed themselves, for the sake of the mission, to be sacrificed on the alter of publicity,” and the account from the St. John Sun, hereinafter reprinted, of what they had to tell on their return from Battle Harbour, gives in a most pleasantly easy way much valuable information as to the summer’s work at that busy outpost. Doctor Grieve, who has been in charge, is now taking a well earned furlough.”

Mr. Sayre is responsible for the photograph of the St. Anthony Hospital in process of enlargement, and Doctor Grenfell has himself, in another place somewhat to say of these improvements and of the work generally at that place.

E. E. W., Secretary

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