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from "Among the Deep Sea Fishers" | October 1910

Items from the Grenfell Association of America

Miss Brown writes from St. Anthony on August 28th: “The enlargement of the hospital is a great success. The lower ward is open and at present nearly all the beds are full in it. We have one tent up and have three men in it, and two tuberculosis shacks are being planned for to be placed on the hillside. It is fine, I think. Mr. Halsey has put in most of the plumbing; the staff bathroom is finished and is truly the joy of our hearts! Dr. Little simply dotes on it! We have the large bath, gorgeous white toilet, wash-basin, and doctor’s scrub-up basin all in one room, and a toilet and wash-basin in the patients’ bathroom. Many of Mr. Halsey’s things not having arrived, keeps the work at a standstill . . . The new stove and boiler are fine . . .”

J. L. G., Office Secretary


Items from the New England Grenfell Association

. . . The operating room, given entirely by Miss Meta O. Fowler of Baltimore in memory of her mother, is in the process of completion. The walls and the floor are to be in keeping with the rest of the room. The work will be a credit to Mr. Halsey and his assistants, who are striving to make it the best that can be had in so remote a corner of the country, and it will greatly aid the surgeons who are so faithfully rendering help. The Prospero, which arrives fortnightly during open water, is bringing patients by the thirties. Eight operations in one day is a good record for this little place and many a poor man gives thanks to God for the comforts and relief found here.

E. E. W., Secretary

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