Wednesday, February 5, 2014

from "Among the Deep Sea Fishers" | July 1916

“On the Road to Labrador”
…We had the pleasure in New York of seeing many other loyal friends, though at the Outlook office, where so often we have found help in need, we missed our beloved friend, Dr. Hamilton W. Mabie, who was seriously ill at his home. It was a great pleasure to see again our loved friend, Dr. Lyman Abbott; among others, too, were friends who have been with us in Labrador, Mr. Glen Wright, and Mr. Will Moody, whose noble work keeps him so closely at the grindstone raising the means for the institutions at Northfield that bless the world through endless lives of pupils and visitors. It is many years since the day, in the far off London slum where I was working at hospital, that his father’s message first woke my consciousness, but I still seem to hear it and am still striving to repeat it, yet my head is now gray and my half-century completed. Why do we think men die?

Here at the Pratt Institute we were proud to find our two young men who are soon to return and help us in the North. One, “Johnny,” as we know him, is finishing his course, having been helped through his previous year by our old colleague, the Rev. Jesse Halsey, of Cincinnati. “Johnny” is to start now on his own account making our sealskins into boots—his course having been tanning—while to help the mat industry, the dyeing of the material to the needed hues is also to be under his management. Mr. McHugh, at his shop in Forty-second Street, near the library, has stocked our mats and is glad to see any friends who are interested in that branch of our work, and to supply them with any they care to order. We are still looking for a head to our industrial work, to take up, carry on, and amplify Miss Luther’s work.

W. T. Grenfell

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